Friday, March 6, 2015

Fun exhibits for this weekend!!! March 7 and 8.

Here are some screenshots of what I think are some freaking awesome shows to go visit this weekend. I mean seriously...street performances, artist run spaces, and not for profits.. doesn't get much better than that playas!!!

Remember when in doubt..Google for more info..DE nada..aka..ur welcome!

Richard Medina's Box gallery is genius. Located inside Sabina Ott's home, a small box becomes a space for artists to exhibit. It's fun, shows great artworks!

The Franklin Outdoors
3522 W Franklin Blvd
Chicago, Il 60624

Sabina Ott's alternative space is amazing!! 

Street there more to say? That's all I need!! 

Union street gallery is the south subs best kept secret. Amazing space and great shows.


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