Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Between Fragmentation..Creative works by Diane J. McGarel!!

You know those large buildings, usually made of bricks...our grade school teachers used to take us their on field trips..what they be called??..oh yea LIBRARIES!!! you can rent books for free!!! holy crap free books to learn from at our disposal?..the possibilities are endless!!! whoa..ok ok its late sry and im defff running low on cafeine..so weew it is amiee goes..Diane Mcgarel, a fellow guild artist at the union street gallery is having her first solo show at the FRANKFORT LIBRARY..The address is 21119 S. Pfeiffer road, Frankfort Illinois 60411...Go show her some love and while ur at it, pick up a book..better yet, pick up a dozen books, and stop playin playstation!!! thats right i said it, read!! anyways, Fo shizzle!! ima try n go up there tomorrow morning to do some studying and appreciate dianes work!!! I stole some pics of hers from her facebook, to show you guys, I hope she doesnt mind...yikes..either way, if she sues im broke so she'll be stuck with my school loans..haha :) jk im not but i am :) :)

Her work is interesting, I havent quite figured it out yet, but its def worth checking a=out and I'll prob post more about it once I see her work!!! I believe she also has a work of hers at the current art exhibit at the union...ok ok its late me be tired... peace out holmes!!! " a la camita!!a la camita!!!!" haha topo gigio!! totally random n weird sry..laterz!!

oh wait the show runs from March 2nd to March 30th!! alomost forgot..sorry people!!

Ay wey!! my visit to the union street show!! Image Impression Attitude..

Me gusta vivir alegre....pa ke me amargo la vida?..perro bichi y mujeriego...eeeeuuui!!!.eui eui eui...haha banda el recodo in da morning, now thats a way to wake up!!!ay wey this has got to be the earliest i've written in this blog..whoaa 10 am..yikes!!! And only one pint of coffee thus far, 5 more to go..hehe So this past friday was the openeing reception to the art show at union street art gallery in da heights!! This was by far the best show I have seen there in a while..granted i havent been to many, but I just enjoyed the diverse pieces!! Sum good stuff there, and yo uguys still have time to go check it out! There were pieces super large!! These pieces were paintings, acrylic I believe, but dnt hold me to it.. One of my favorite pieces, was the installation done by randy (pic above..guy with white stripped shirt) You know it was just fun..A bit thought provokin, but mostly fun for me, and I havent seen work like that around here so its always fun to break thru the traditional, paintings...The guy made the trip from kentucky I believe..So Thats cool,- thats what national event do..bring in people from around da states!!

there were other cool, pieces, like a kinetic sculpture by jonah ( i think dats how u spell his name) you would insert a quarter and then this fish and hook things would move up n down..i took a video I'll try to post it up here if i can..that was fun!! Unfortunately I had to leave early from the reception So I wasnt there to hear the victors names be announced..So if you guys wana know who won, ur gona have to go check it out for yourselves...Im wondering who they were..

hopefully my absolute favorite piece won..Its the huge painting in the pic above..titled, fear factor vs. cops...Its awesome to see work at that scale..a huge scale..although sometimes its overdone..the size of the image should be representative of what your goal of the piece is ..dnt just go large to impact cuz it sure as hell can back fire!!! haha it'll sound like a drive by at the hill..lol jay kay!! But for real this piece fit the theme well, it was obviously well done and it stirred up some controvery which I luvvv to do!! cops!! everyone knows that woed alone is controversy..lol

the show will be up for a lot longer, go to their website for more info..www.unionstreetgallery.org

Heres the video..!! the guys name is jonah, he has more similar work..ill post more of his stuff so you can go check it out in person!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

new exhibit at Union street gallery!! Friday!!!

Ke pedo weyes!! translation..wassup mules...haha ok so theres a new exhibit set and ready to go for friday march 12..aka this friday night from 6-9 pm!! The pic above is a sculpture done by one of the greatest artist of all times..haha jk it was made by me :D Its titled "gluttony"..I thought it was appropriate for the theme Image attitude impression..which is the theme for the show at USG..!! ok so I know I sound like a broken record and say good things all the time..but for reals holmes, this is a very great show..I promise!! If you attend you will find, various sized paintings, a kinetic "fun" sculpture (bring ur quarters), installations, black and white drawings, and alot of cool peeps and mucho wine!! This is going to be a great show and I hope you can all make it!! Visit Union street gallery's website for a preview of the show!!! heres the link http://www.unionstreetgallery.org/ ..Oh almost forgot!! There will also be a shoppin area for those people that like vintage clothes and such!!! The Art Gallery is in chicago heights! For the address go to the link provided..but if you are a follower of this blog you should be familiar with this gallery.. Hope to see you guys there!!!!