Saturday, July 16, 2016

Workshop at the Roswell Museum and Art Center!!

Teddy Bear Printmaking: Stamping Our Alter Egos

2nd Saturday! This Saturday, July 9th! 10am to noon! Free!
with Cate White and Luis Sahagun

This workshop focused on issues of introspection, identity and alter egos. If you had one superpower, what would it be? What makes you unique? We used teddy bears or plush toys to create black and white monoprints that served as a metaphor for our human bodies. The task is to identify our own reality and ideas about ourselves and abstract them to create two dimensional prints that exaggerates our place in this world.

Roswell Museum and Art Center
students grades 3 to 12
Cost: FREE

*  Due to recent tense global issues, around the world we decided to also incorporate an undercurrent of love, compassion and acceptance of identity and diversity.

I had the honor of conducting a workshop for local youth here in Roswell, New Mexico!! My NM bestie and I paired together to bring a lot of excitement and love into the classroom. 2016 has been a difficult year for world and we wanted to slow things down and focus on the beauty of diversity and be an example, even if it was for one day! 

The kids were amazing!!! Since they all pre-registered cate and I made sure to write down all of their names on the black board to make them feel special!! I think it worked!

The example print that I made to show the kids was of a teddy bear that had tentacles and a rocket foot! My teddy bear could navigate between the ocean and the skies and it made lots of friends along the way! 

Cate's example was a loving bear that could hear everyones deepest problems and help them vanish them into nothing.

notice my awesome ninja turtle shirt, it was a big hit amongst the kids!!!

We took the kids out of the classroom and had them experience some of the paintings that the museum has on exhibit. We directed their attentions to animals and how their images could be seen as symbols, and metaphors. This really helped get the kids inspired!!

class discussion

kids participated in every step of the process!

positive reinforcement time!!!! :P

final masterpieces

This class was so much fun! The best part was the kids thanking us because they had so much fun and well all the hugs I received may have made me tear up :')

Special thanks to RMAC, & Jessica Parham

Monday, February 15, 2016

Quikrete sculptures

For the past few months I have been making sculptures out of quikrete. Here are some some pictures of them.

They belong to a bigger series of work that I am developing. This series
will also contain paintings and other sculptures made out of stucco, and carved wood.

More information to come.

Sunday, December 27, 2015

From gdk to MFA

On christmas day (2015) I started making paintings that I am ashamed of. Sounds a bit weird but I was thinking about 2 things. 

1. a lot of artist have stories that come from their past and have shaped or inspired them in someway. So I thought it would be fun for me to dig and find similar moments in my life. Of course for famous artist it is always a moment or story that is mind-blowing or even zen. 

NOT MINE!! A gang-banger inspired me! haha I guess its part of my condition and where I was raised..etc..etc.. 

2. I think about paintings so much everyday, that I take them way too serious. I decided to make pictures of things that I am ashamed for people to see.  Maybe a guilty please almost... maybe... not sure.  

I also like how they make me feel, those shameful things to paint.  I am not fully ashamed of the memory or the circumstance, but I am ashamed of them being in a picture format. Like, they are too stupid.. 

So I guess for now, I am making stupid paintings about childhood secrets that I am ashamed of. 

Check out the video below!!! 

I am snowed in my house here in roswell., New Mexico... of the irony.. I left chicago thinking I would be away from the snow during winter and here I find myself in New Mexico in the middle of a blizzard.. 

more to come :) I have sooo much more to say about these!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

To make for the divine??

About the video: video

For the past 3 months in my art residency here in roswell I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I reject in my art, what I accept and for whom do I make it for.

I want to do is teach myself how to be free, these videos will help me get there.

Here is the first short video of me in my studio...Christmas eve 2015.

P.s. i think my facial expressions are hilarious I never knew that's what i look like when i speak.. :(

Click here for video

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

RAIR- house provided

  Since Sept 22, 2015 I have been at Roswell, New Mexico for a year long art residency! Multiple Chicago artist have asked me for details about this opportunity. Soooooooo I decided to share my living space with you all.

The residency provides every resident with a 2 bedroom house and a 500 square ft studio.

Here is a silly stupid video of me giving a tour of my temporary casa!! 

Click here for video!

Don't laugh at me too much!!

Friday, March 6, 2015

Fun exhibits for this weekend!!! March 7 and 8.

Here are some screenshots of what I think are some freaking awesome shows to go visit this weekend. I mean seriously...street performances, artist run spaces, and not for profits.. doesn't get much better than that playas!!!

Remember when in doubt..Google for more info..DE nada..aka..ur welcome!

Richard Medina's Box gallery is genius. Located inside Sabina Ott's home, a small box becomes a space for artists to exhibit. It's fun, shows great artworks!

The Franklin Outdoors
3522 W Franklin Blvd
Chicago, Il 60624

Sabina Ott's alternative space is amazing!! 

Street there more to say? That's all I need!! 

Union street gallery is the south subs best kept secret. Amazing space and great shows.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LVL3 : Five..osea cinco


I visited this show during their opening, which was this past Saturday , Feb 28 and let me tell you something ...dis show rocks! I've heard of LVL3 before from online sources. They have been part of expo Chicago and their name just seems  pop up everywhere. u can see the line up for this show is pretty awesome. The owners or co-founders are super nice too. I spoke to them briefly and you can tell they r nice people. That makes for a great venue to go to, in my opinion.

But yea. The show rocks. It has some great paintings by Ben sanders, which is from Los angeles, cali..cali. and Lauren clay from nyc..josh reames which shows everywhere in the world right now, threw in some green arrows that were stuck on the walls of the exhibit..really made for nice flow..seemed like the arrows protruded off the wall just in the perfect placement so that u can either poke ur eye or trip..I thought that was cool. Sabina has some awesome pieces that hang from the ceiling, party like feel that incorporated poetic statements. At least that what I think.. they weren't full statements..more like something in between.. no beginning and no real ending, but threw u mentally into a path of poetry.. it was fun.
Josh reames

I spent some time talking to Lauren clay and Ben sanders, well what nice people they are. Everyone at this show was nice and welcoming.  I even looked really bummy..and I felt zero judgement of my working class outfit :)

I'm sure most of you already know about these artist and this venue..but if u dnt...ur missing out playas. Def a must see show. Really. I dunno why I haven't seen more excitement about this show on social media.. but I think..that it's one of the better shows up in march in chicago. Why?! Many bloggers or artist do their top list of art shows to go to.."must see".."top 5" sometimes not always but I feel like the blogger is just sending shout out about shows they know about or artist they know about...which is cool. No hating hurr.

Lauren clay!

I'm just saying, I walked into this exhibit as a stranger, experienced some fuckng nice art, met four really kind people and walked out #likeaboss

Here are some pics of the show!!

Sabina ott pieces are on the ceiling..and a Ben sanders piece on the bottom

Ben sanders painting. For mo 411 go to or Google him..duh

This painting by Ben sanders reminds me of la danza de la pluma..haha

La danza de la pluma