Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My Childhood Heroes...

ay contaban con mi astucia!!! thought i'd give you guys a small preview of my current art project!..Its takin foreva..but its gona be worth it at the end...i hope :) I plan this project to be able to display most of my technical using lots of different methods to create it..sketches,scanning, adobe photoshop, adobe Illustrator, cobalt v6, Poser 5, and 3d max...a little bit of every software I own....whoooooa hope it comes out good!!!

yikes i better stop hypin this project up..don't wana dissapoint anyone... its just alot of fun to make!! Im takin my childhood heroes and setting them up in a way that is super dynamic...dynamic i tell ya!!
I should be done with this project in a couple of weeks, I'll post up the final renderings..