Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Janus on Cardboard-

The concept is Janus the greek god of beginnings and transitions. This is a self-portrait, personal piece of my transition of letting go the past and moving forward.

Its literal transitions from layer to layers- from the wood pieces, to cardboard then to gesso the charcoal transitions and adapts to its new texture overcoming the obstacles presented.

release of freedom!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

"office art" and fighting insanity.. battle continues!

Heres an update on my travels in the art world.

Since I have been working 2 jobs and going to school full time, my life has been crazzzzy! Im currently working for a non-for-profit organization, and at the art gallery in governors state university. And and and I also go to school for painting and mixed medium.. my life is full going at full speed and its loco aka crazy!

Im sooo glad that my art is truly healing for me, so it keeps me sane. At my day job during mini breaks that we have I make what I call office art..haha simple pure fun things, easy sketches, I’ll get nail polish and make a transfer, add some white out and highlighters and we got us some art!everything on cardboard of course, from tissue boxes, post it notes,

So here are pics of this “office art”…enjoy!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Working on one of my latest pieces, prob gona title it "prisoner". Its a complete mixed media piece- in my opinion that is :) I worked on it with nero lead, paper mache, clay, acrylic, cardboard, graphite, spraypaint, and oil paint. It is still unfinished the face and hand will be technique mixte (realism) and will transcend to the the idea is to keep it expressive and emotional. well see how it ends up!

Ive been at Governors state university as a graduate student in the painting dept for a year time flies, but this is the first piece that I feel really captures what I have to offer as an artist at this point. Im trying to mix street art and academia its kinda like where pop, abstract and realism meet. Thats what I try to do. holla!

I will keep posting pics of my travels in the art world.

oh and check out my website!!!

let me know what you all think!!