Thursday, May 27, 2010

Raphael's "Donna Velata"@ Milwaukee, wi...

Check it out!! One of the most famous art pieces of the Italian Renaissance is only a few hours away from us!!! Its in Milwaukee, WI...This piece was created in the early Renaissance 1516, raphael did it in responce to sum painting of a lady by sum guy call leonardo da..vinci..sumthing like dat..hehe the lady was Mona...last name of cheesy but watev.. u get what im sayin..big time painting in the midwest..! Ima def try and check it out this coming day!! fo shizzle and the weather is supposed to be it should prove to be a nice getta away! the exhibition runs until June 6th!!! so hurry up there and check it out!!

For those people that like drama fo yo mama..I guess this painting was rumored to be the artist mistress,,,ay wey..there should be a mexican novela about it...haha it would be a hit..I can see it now..el artista ke le puso los cuernos a su vieja...translation..the dude dat cheated in his honey..jaja anyways thought Id throw that out there!! U ask me I think its a pretty dumb move by Senor raphael to paint his mistress, no?..well, not so dumb since its among the most famous piece eva!! shows how much i know huh?.. :( Well, he is famous now, but i bet he was living in the dog house back then cuz his lady prob..snapped!!! lol Like them crazy ladies on jerry springer..!!lol ok ok ok thats enough.. Let me kno if you guys head that way!!

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Unions Street Gallery Presents H-F exhibition!!!

Melissa Huang (left)

Alexia Teichman (left)
Tim Testroet (left)
Homewood-Flossmoor high school Student exhibition at the Unions Street Gallery!! ONE DAY EVENT!!! Friday May 21 from 6pm-9pm!! Come check it out!! should be a fun one, USG is prob gona put a hold on the wine tho..hehe but beverages and snacks are a must so come on in and support these youngsters!! bring sum singles to donate to the gallery!! I bet they appreciate it!! ima do all i can to attend, so feel free to say hola wey to me!! fo sho :) For more always check out the USG website..
orale holmes, See you guys there!!!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Check out my first paintings eva!!!

PINTO BEANS!! translation...pinto fijoles wey!!! i paint beans!!jajaja so my first paintings eva are being exhibited at the Union Street Gallery in Chicago Heights!! Its PoP art with a mexican american twist!! Why pop art?? I'll tell ya y?..cuz its FUN!! Here i am try to do art with my product design process, its possible but at the same time it was limiting my creativity..All the planning and extensive research, I felt like I couldnt create something perfect and unique..i was going crazy!!! Then BANG I began to read again about basquiat and of course andy warhol..and in a biography of andy he was quoted saying someting around the lines like this..."dont trip potato chip, just do art..and keep doing art, let other people decide if its good or bad and in the meantime do more art"!!

So I said to myself..myself just do whateva makes u happy G...and so i did, I just started coming up with ideas of paintings that I would have fun doin..and I came up with a litte tribute to senor warhola!!! I took his campbells soup and added sum mexican spice to it!! Frijoles...beans!! and I took his madonna and turned into into glo's big dome (george lopez) !!!jaja

Y would do such a thing..if you guys know me than you know I always at least have to be a bit conceptual..and here are the reasons..very simple!! A). pop art is FUN!! B). I wanted to do art about what I know! becuz that gives me the confidence that I need to create it..and C). well, shit if I dnt do it ..who will.. i gotta represent!!! Viva

So why George Lopez..or Glo as he has been called..Becuz he is a good representative of a popular Mexican the U.S.of A. Come on!! he had his own sitcom and now a late night show!! u cant really get more popular than that!! He does a great job and stays somewhat humble to his roots!! SOMEWHAT!!! thats right lopez. I said it and what!!??

First he comes out with his stand up solo called Americas mexican..and other solo shows where he is Mexican..and captures an mexican audiance...and then bang!!!all of a sudden for his show he's mexican american..then bang for his late night show hes a chicano....whoa whoa whoa george..calmate wey!! first of all george?..not haha had to throw that out there..dnt get me wrong i like glo.. alot!! im just saying that he went from mexican chicano..and in a way that is genius cuz now he has captured most of those audiances..I say most cuz well my mom and dad dnt know who da hell he is..In their eyes he will never be a Luis de alba...haha o resortes..( two famous mexican..full blown mexican comedians)..but he doesnt have to be cuz we are in the usa and thats not his audience..

So im draggin on and on sorry guys!! so in a is a perfect example of a popular mexican american..(or chicano) my opinion anyways!

Then comes la preferida bean can..well wen people asked andy why he painted campbells soup hes said cuz he liked and ate those soups..he just liked them its that in my eyes..the equivalant of that for mexicans..wait wait..mexican no no no no no wait..pochos!! jaja is a can of not being a not..a can of soup or a can of beans are common in that they both are it up heat it up and bang..ur all gravy..quick meal..So I like beans..i eat beans..thus i paint them..its just that simple! together the pieces can represent assimilation into the united states and/or how our culture is gaining more exposure and acceptance into the USA. I mean come on I went to the chicago white sox game on cinco de mayo and they had mariachi and a guys singin chente..!! i was confused.. was this a chivas game, or wah?..jaja so its cool..!! bring on the culture awareness people and if u want to write a report on mexicans just email me and ill give u a briefing, ay wey!!

by the way if ur a single mexican guy/girl that likes beans and doesnt have time to cook or boil them..its cool keep buyin the not hatin!! do ur thing like a chicken wing!!

again im just painting what I see and what I know. Dare and challenge me..go A wise man I know said artist do art about what they know..he couldnt be more correct..!! I shall leave you with sum pics of my work..and come and check them out personally!! Support the community and show me sum luvin!! again..the work is at UNION STREET GALLERY, LOCATED AT 1527 OTTO BLVD, CHICAGO HEIGHTS, IL 60FOUR11..opening reception is MAY 14TH!!!!!!! bring some dolla billa yo and donate to the gallery and recieve free admission and free drinks...water, pop..or soda, wine, beer...and some finger food..cant beat it!! hope to see you all there!!!! oh y arriva las chivas!!!

TOP: America's Future Campbells Soup
BOTTOM: America's New Chicano

Andy Warhols Work!

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