Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I gotz a "Sneak Peak" for you all of the "PAIRS" exhibition at USG..Union Street Gallery dat is, at 1527 otto blvd..a block southeast of St. James Hospital...Take the opportunity to see my work!! I have the honor of saying my work is being displayed at USG along with 23 other local artist!! The theme is Pairs- Two pieces that relate to eachother in form, color, composition, size, etc...u pickin up wah im putting down?..Comprendes mendes wey!!

The show started April 23 and will be up until May 15!!! opening/closing reception will be on the 14th, you guys all know the booze and great art..and bring donation money!! help keep this great gallery up n running!!

So check it out, my art is "pop art" not like soda!! like popular..its like if andy warhol got stuck at the villita (26th street in da city)..haha or hek even here at the hill (in da heights)..My works about mexican American pop culture emergin into our americana society! surprise surprise..a mexican talking about mexicans...not new..but before you judge let me reminder I used to be an ametuer boxer and I can drop ur face!! naw jk But for real its almost a cliche but it was fun to do And Ill talk about why i did it and what it means in another post!!

You can also find great paintings, by the galleries studio and Guild artist!! lots of nice and amazing work, for reals..come check it out!!'ll find some amazing pastel work by Marikay Witlock, Large scale portraits by Patty McWilliams, Colorful arranged acrylic paintings by Roger Paris, gorgeous drawings and paintings by Lane Hanyes and inspiring sculptural pieces by Renee so so so so much more...i cant name em all you gotta come check em out for urselfs.. !! let me know what you guys think!!adios!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Summer on Euclid

Adios shikago heis!! I'm outta my home town for who knows how long...enterin the town of Dyer, indiana. Sad times, I write this blog on euclid ave where I will certainly not endure the summer solstice..I will be in indiana :( oh well!!! haha so I posted sum pics of the seasons that I have lived in during my years here on euclid ave..about 15 to be exact!!
From the very first time I got "jumped" in this side of the feeling i got returning from college..i will miss it all!! Lets not forget the po po siren, the ambulances and of course the drug dealing!!! Oh and dont forget the dam crazy neighbors yelling their personal problems at 3 am on a tuesday night..It will all be missed!!
Oh and joaquin the straying doggie that visits me outta the blue, whos gona feed him now??..oh no should i kidnap him to assure his well being?..hmmm not sure I can handle having three dogs..better not pick up another one!! oh man!! i wnt be able to listen Cypress Hill and Control machete while drinking a forty of King Cobra on my front porch...ugh I guess the saying holds true..u dnt know what u have until its gone.. :(
Well Its time to create new memories...everything has a beginning and an ending, so bring it on indiana!! Lets see what we can create :)
i will still be hangin out much out here in chicago heights!! So dnt trip potato chip!! I'll still be seen around town!!