Tuesday, January 17, 2012

"Urban Realism" an exhibition by Luis Sahagun- Jan 19th

Using the street environment as my inspiration allows me to blur the line between high and low art. By using urban materials and a contemporary process I create a merge between academia and street art. Furthermore, I connect my artwork with historical context such as Greek / Roman mythology and symbolic meanings from nature. The outcome challenges the audience to re-evaluate their preconceived notions of which materials are accepted as beautiful in art. It also allows them to examine antecedent subject matter with a new and distinctively personal interpretation.- Luis Sahagun

Holla at yo boi! k sorry had too much coffee. Just wanted to post that I will be having a Solo exhibition titled Urban Realism at Moraine Valley Community College in the atrium walls located at 9000 W. College Pkwy., Palos Hills, IL 60465.

The reception will be Thursday Jan 19th from 2-4pm. If any ones to come out and say hello I will be there.

My work will be located at the atrium of the building that houses the theatre and gallery at Moraine Valley Community College. There are a total of 8 52" x 52" display cases- about 3 inches deep. My work is in there and quite honestly it made for a strong exhibit.

You can find a 50" x 50" chicago heights hydra, which is a personal interpretation of how i deal and attempt to over come or kill this chicago heights hydra of a beast! Mostly in reference to government officials like police, ice and the court system..

Just keeping it real..haha

For more details on the exhibit you can go to the Moraine Valley website at http://www.morainevalley.edu/fpac/Season/gallery_atrium.htm

for more details on my work you can go to my website at http://www.wix.com/lsahagun2/artanddesign

or at my behance portfolio at http://www.behance.net/gallery/Urban-realism/2756943

"I Shall be released" an exhibition at Union Street Gallery

I Shall Be Released, is on the 2nd floor at Union Street Gallery, runs January 11-February 11, 2012

Juried exhibit featuring 30 artists from the Midwest chosen by juror Sergio Gomez of 33 Contemporary.

This is a great exhibit taking place at Union Street Gallery, yours truly had the honor of being accepted to the exhibit. I actually received honorable mentioned for my work titled "Janus on Cardboard". You guys should def come check this exhibit out.

The reception passed already :( sorry, but there is still time to go see the exhibitions.

You can also find my painting titled "prisoner" which is a work in progress , in the front window display at Union Street Gallery.

awesome show! don't miss out!


I Shall Be Released Exhibiting Artists
Scott Anderson
Aaron Coleman
Cleveland Dean
Sherri Denualt
Babara Edwards
Tanya Gadbaw
Margie Glass-Sula
Diana Leviton Gondek
Hai Ri Han
Sarah Knill
Liz Kolben
Marina Kuchinski
Jonathan McFadden
Jennifer Moore
Nancy Mueller
Diane Ramos
Barry Reithmeier
Stephan Roll
Marina Ross
Luis Sahagun
William Sclater
Jessica Segal
Eva D. Smith
Mimi Solum
Amelin Spinney
Aaron Tinder
Jennifer Webster
Michael Weigman
Margi Weir
Peter Wilhelm