Monday, February 22, 2010


Ahh!! More snow?! To me snow is like wen ur in fifth grade and you see this super duper hot girl in ur class, and shes sooo pretty that ur stomach swirls and feels "funny"..Then wen u go to say "hi, do you like stuff?" she spits and uppercuts u in YO fACE!! Ouch huh?! exactly that is snow in a nutshell! Look at paul in the pic above, hes just dam upset he needs to shovel all this damm snow again..I feel ya homie!! Snow is so beautifual and its so puwitty to see it fall onto ur car and driveway, but then wen you go say hi, pretty snow, you realize its monday and u gottta shovel all that dam driveway before you leave ur casa!! ahh.. reality is ur not a kid anymore and makin snowmen, is not in today's agenda..(sadly)..

But Have NO FEAR!! Luis is here!! haha (i dunno y i said that?) anyways, I made it my job today and in the past few weeks, to forcefully fall in love with snow once again..Bring my imagination to the test and keep an open mind about the snow that covers ur car, makes u shiver, gives you back aches, and even makes u fall on ur ass and make a fool of urself (just like pretty girls in fifth grade..) So i took some pics af snow and snowy stuff around my casa pueblo..aka home town :) enjoy holmes!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Something jazzy art review!!! exhibit runs until march go to for more info

Just got back from the art exhibit at the tall grass gallery in park forest!!! FUN, work I saw!! It really is an entertaining display because of the bright colors used in mostly all the art pieces there. Here you can find some abstract art, lots of 3d type paintings, manipulated photography and even some newer type of ink printing on canvas..overall its a good show!! I posted some pics of what I felt were some eye catching art..I didnt take more pics cuz i almost felt like a thief!! Im not gonna lie the gallery at first felt very cold..they greeted my cousin and i well at the entrance, but then an artist made an unecessary comment about the pics i was taking..If you dnt want me to take pics just say so, you dnt have to make ignorant comments..I'll leave her name out of this post just cuz im a nice guy :) Besides, the pics i take are obviously not for me to reproduce and i take them in a way where you may tell that its a pic of an art..geeesh!!! ANYWAYS..
lets get down to business shall we! So my favorite piece wwas by a gentlemen that calls himself KIETH CONNER..nice job homie g!! this guy has two paintings that captivated my attention mucho quickly but my fav was "jazz man" its the middle one of the pics above..Ok now ima be honest I came to this gallery without doin any research on jazz or anything about the artist..I do love jazz music and love to go hear jazz any chance I get!! And i know a bit about jazz from my art history I go why do i like this painting..first of all its size is say roughly 3ft b 3 something around those lines..the colors are great!! thery are bright yet subtle..good balance..kieth also added some type of 3d element to his painting, it has PLASTER!! nicely done and this plaster is on the background where a building stands..Wat i loved most about this piece is the thought provoking elements it has!! So what do I know about jazz, well i know it kinda started during the harlem days in the past..i know that harlem rennaissance was after the abolition of slavery and the idea of double consciousness was around!! so At the big manzana..translation big apple..african americans began this music movement, and what i like about kieths painting is that the guy that is playing the music almost looks like a worker the hat that he has on seems like that of a worker..maybe this guy just really liked his hat and kept wearing it after his full time job and jazz is his escape from real life..In the background you see two caucasions..hehe thats a funny word..doesent it just sound funny caucasion! anyways there are two white guys in the background next to the building like they are just chillin taking a break form the jazz music..this to me shows the inegratiopn of white america into jazz music..not to mention to the far right of these white guys there is a black guy in dreads...that tell me that jazz is breaking thru the realms of racism and bringing two cultures together..AND!!! to the far left there is a woman..NOT white and NOT black..SHE IS MIXED!!! MIXED I TELL YOU, now we all know that half black and half white people are not accepted as well as all black people in african american culture..especially then. ( u can argue that that isnt the case now) Its no secret and there is alot of research behind why lighter skinned african americans are better accepted in pop culture/media but thats a whole different ball game...ANYWAYS!! the point is that this light skinned woman is a powerful image!! it can represent the assimilation of the two black and white cultures..being bonded thru jazz..or just simply the idea that jazz and music bring all humans together and thats how it should be!! I LOVE THIS PIECE!! GOOD JOB KIETH CONNER!!
you guys need to go see this work its worth checking out, and on MARCH 19 there will be live JAZZ there, jazz talk..ima try my hardest to go!! seriously!! JAZZ, ART, JAZZ TALK, and its free..what else do you want?..a limo to pick ur lazy butt up? up guys!! it will be worth the time!! if not ill give you ur money back!!hehe

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

La Vaquita..a chicago heights icon?! all hail to santa vaquita!!!

whoa whoa whoa!! How have I not talked about this ROAD SIDE ART piece that has been in my very own community for years and years?!!! La vaquita?! Dates back light years my mind anyways...growing up in "da heights" "mini chi-town "chi heights" chicago heights all you want but please take a second look at this icon!! maybe we should change the name from chicago heights to santa vaquita heights?..has a nice ring to it no?..haha Wow I remembr I used to sneak into this restaurant wen i was a little boy, used to buy some now and laters and then try n sneak into the movie rental section so I may take a peak at the naughty videos if you know what I mean jelly bean!! Hey..relax i was just a kid!! Im keepin it real for shizzle..oh kee dough kee?! vaquita is a restaurant that has long ago vanished..i dnt know if it was because of the dam cars that kept rammin into the place..jaja or wah but they had sum mean tacos!! Im just happy the cow stood its ground and thankfully whoever bought the restaurant kept it out there for us to enjoy!! Gracias owner of "los portales" :) ipseakart thanks you very mucho!! (los portales is the new restaurant that lays in the place of the traditional old la vaquita restaurant!)
Tell you guys what, this road side art has opened my eyes to discover art in everyday places! seems obvious, but ive been living in this community for 23 years and thats how long it took me to take my hat off and say " esta vaka esta chida wey!" So next time you drive by la santa Vaquita wave at her and make her know that we value her presense :)
Maybe one day wen i become rich i can buy this cow and keep her in my life forever (tears) !!!!
all this cow talk makes me want to eat sum tacos!!! mmm takitos..mmm de vaca!!..mmm

Monday, February 8, 2010

"Something Jazzy" Exhibit @ Tall Grass Art gallery!!

"Something Jazzy"2010 Invitational

There is something jazzy in all of us.It is our rhythm, our muse, our passion.It is the interpretation of the sounds of jazz and a reflection of our soul.-Tall Grass website

Hey guys!! Come check out this art exhibit!! Should be a great show, Participating artists were invited by the gallery to submit their work...So the Pressure is on artist this work best be good holmes!! :) You guys know my modo ..Its free, and odds are there might be wine there (not sure) but its a room filled with art, good people, and a great chance to support the community!! I'll be there for sure!!!

Opening ReceptionFriday, February 12, 20107:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Exhibit Dates: February 12 to April 11Admission is FREE to the public.
Gallery Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.Tuesday through Saturday