Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights IL, Presents its 6th Annual “A Little Garden Art” Garden Walk July 10, 9am-3pm.

Union Street Gallery, Chicago Heights IL, Presents its 6th Annual “A Little Garden Art” Garden Walk July 10, 9am-3pm.

Come check out 10 of the most beautiful and unique gardens in Chicago Heights, Flossmoor, Frankfort and Olympia Fields. Hosted by volunteers, gardeners and Union Street Gallery’s own working artists..

Theres nothing that compliments a beautiful day so well than a garden walk!! So Guys stop being lame and bring ur ladies to this event..Its a great opportunity for a date!!! Don't miss out, its your chance to show a bit of class to ur ur welcome!!!

Tickets are 20 bucks!!! and check it so excited i cant even type..FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS!!!!!!!! wah? wah?...I luv me sum cafe..and suga!!

To purchase tickets you can either visit the UNION STREET GALLERY in person at 1527 otto blvd...or you can go to the website and use paypal to get the tickets..or you can also call the gallery at 708. 754.2601 ask for jessica..the administrator there.

Another awesome thing about this garden walk is there are gona be artist at the gardens painting, writing, and taking pics.. so all around its a great chance to experience something new around this area.

The event is July 10, 2010..everyone will meet at the Union Street Gallery for again..FREE COFFEE AND DOUGHNUTS.. at 845 am then it will kick off...there will be maps provided for eveyone to visit the designated gardens in the south subs!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Synergy. exhibition at praire state collge!

Check it out!! Praire State College presents UNION STREET ARTISTS!!! The opening reception is manana..June 24, from 430- 730 pm..Go support the Union Street Artist!! You can check out a glimpse of their work on facebook...just search for Union Street Gallery..and become a fan if you are not one already :) This is a beautiful gallery NO JOKE!!! anyways the artist are gona have their work at the PSC Gallery.. the show runs from fune 24 to July 29, 2010...

here is sum info on the PSC gallery

Christopher Art Gallery
202 south halsted street, chicago heights Il 60411

Hours: monday thru thurs 9am to 3pm
wed and thurs 5-7pm
and by is there numero if you wana hit them up!! 708-709-3636

HOPE YOU GUYS CAN MAKE IT OUT!! Like always you know Ill be there!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sol-a-bration!! @ Gov state University FREE FUN FOR ALL!! JUNE 19TH!!

JUNE 19................JUNE

Wattup g dawgs..I havent written here in a bit, with this whole world cup mania...who can still live their normal lives??..I know crazy!! anyways..check this out!! in university park there is gona be an AWESOME event this coming saturday..seriously you CANNOT MISS THIS!! The Manilow Sculpture Park in university Park/Governor State University is hosting the even called Sol-a-bration..Its fun for the whole familia!! FREE admission, FREE parking, and FREE FUN!! haha Theres gona be workshops for kids, like building kits, makins sculptures, and taking pics...For adults there will be Live music!! jazz, Orchestra and sum other stuffaroonie..all free so come check it out!!

The Manilow Sculpture Park is a Sculpture Park..hence the name...hehe so yes!! that means art!!!!!! Scultptures!! sculptures and sum more sculptures!! You can get a free tour or walk by a sculpture on your own and there will be stationary docents at each one...i believe...

As a matter of fact..I will be a docent at one sculpture!!! yes ma'am!!! Me a docent...wha wha!! Ima be at the sculpture titled "House Divided" (pic located above) by Bruce Nauman, a big time artist now..So if ur in the area and wana hang out saturday..come say, hello, hola, ke onda wey, konishiwa, we we..watev..
If you guys do go, can you bring me sum tacos..cuz u know i be houngry!!! fo sho!!
For More Info check out the Manilow Sculpture Park..heres the link G
also heres the contact info for the park..if yo uhave questions call them or hit me up here thru email or a comment..watev.
Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park
Governors State University1
University ParkwayUniversity Park, IL 60484-0975
phone: 708.534.4486
Serious Note!! This is a BEAUTIFUL Park!! Come support the community and have some free fun while ur at it! Its gona be a blast!!! bring ur kids!! save on the babysitter fees too!! wat more you guys want?..need a ride call me!! lol
here is a random video..just cuz its fun!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Common Ground, Diverse Approaches: Works on Paper exhibition at Tall Grass

Javier Chavira (above)

Tall Grass Arts Association is having an exhibition titled Common Ground, Diverse Approaches:Works on Paper...RUNS til June 27, 2010 of course :) I have actually been to this show twice!! Its a small but nice showing, Some artist diplayed one artwork while others displayed 3 or more..Some of the artist include, Javier Chavira (labeled bad ass from ispeakart ) Jeff Stevenson ( life coach and professor) and Sergio Gomez (professor) ..and alot more!!
For more info check out this link!!
For more info on Javier Chavira check out his website!!
For more info on Jeff Stevenson Check out his website too!!!

Jeff Stevenson (above)