Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Death,Destruction or annihilation?..

i leave you with a video i created about the bp oil spill..enjoy..warning not for the weak of heart.. special thanks to Neto!!! thanks g! from h

Monday, August 9, 2010

El Chapulin Colorado Vs. Superman..My first digital work

Ok, so im excited to post this...Its my first digital painting..I think I can call it that..lol, it was a combination of sketching, Photoshop, Cobalt, Poser, and Illustrator..I think thats all I used..Its mostly photoshop work tho...It falls into the pop art work that ive been working on..Im tryin to have a decent enough body of work in that theme before I move on to something else...and to be honest theres alot more ideas...haha..Its like if im doin everything I wanted to do wen I was a little kid!!
I used to diligently collect x-men cards...I saved up all my dinero..aka mula to buy these cards.!! and my absolute favorite were the ones titled: Wolverines greatest battles!! they was sick!!! Wolverine would appear fighting, the hulk, spiderman, abviously sabretooth, etc..they were the best thing life had to offer me at my age..still is actually haha with the excetion of guess who?...jajaj Mr. Red Grasshopper!!!
EL CHAPULIN COLORADO, Ay wey...wey ay...With his pastillas de chiquitolina...he used to crack me up..anyways this piece titled: Culture Clash represents my mind my inner battle of being mexican american...which is better?...why how?..are they that different..so in this peice its my inner thoughts being released in the only way i know how...my version of an ultra fleer comic card...El chpulin colorado vs Superman the man of steel...americas favorite hero...a clash till the death?..
you guys should read the back side of the card and tell me what you think of the story..how would you cahnge the outcome?..or would you?...feedback would be appreciated fellas..n ladiiies!!!
nothing is set on stone..im still working on modyfin the story line!!
hope you enjoy me art!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Art on Tracks..Today!!!! Saturday august 7th!!! oh yea 2010..

I just found this out!!!! Its so crazy and ingenius idea!!! Its today starts at 5pm ends at 10pm!!!!

Art on Track is aboard an eight-car CTA train filled with ART!!!!! It goes around the city of shee kago!!! Genius, genius, genius, it sound like so much fun!!! here is the link if you wana be a part of this awesome event!!!


GSU and Manilow sculpture Park!!

Heres a glimpse at a painting that Javier Chavira is or shall I saw was working on...its currently finished!! Its so sick!!! it stands at about 6 feet tall and about 4 feet wide...i took a drawing class at governor state university in the summer under the guidance of Javier..It was alot of fun and I got to see javiers work develop step by step..because his work studio was in the same place as the class!!

Anways thought id share this with you guys, he is working on a series of work to add to this piece..imagine walkin in to a gallery with such huge paintings!! and I dnt need to obviously emphesis the quality and genuity ( i know i cant spell :( ) of his work!! i have said it over n over the guys a bad ass!! jaja

AND...AND.. If you guys havent visited the Manilow sculpture park which is at governors state university in university park..then you are all missin out..the sculpture park is awesome..it has 26 scultpures and you can walk around them, touch them, jump in them!!, sleep in them...watev, It's a great place to go chill and relax..and to enjoy the summer with some amazing sculptures..i posted sum pics ive taken of this place...for more info go to http://www.govst.edu/sculpture/

and if you want to check out Javier Chaviras website here it is http://www.javierchavira.com/

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Luis?.."el mexican Senor Bob Ross"..

So I was invited to paint for little children (as opposed to large children..lol) at the Homewood-Flossmoor park district..the theme was "Something, something in outter space?..did I spell dat right?..prob not..anyways...As I was sayin yuppers!! I turned into the paisa Bob Ross...jaja its not the first time a mexican does this tho..you guys eva heard of Eugenio Derbez...hahaha from derbez en cuando...classic...ANYWAYS.. I decided to accept the invitation and paint for children!!!!

It was an awesome experience!! It was my first time doin such a thing and it was fun!! although I'll tell you what..what...lol jk The kids where a tough crowd for a little bit, but for the most part their excitement made it worth while!!! So i posted sum pics of me painting for da little humans :)

Aww man I bet I sounded like Senor Bob Ross...I was like ...lets paint a happy little space monkey that flies around in space...lol Oooooh, that is a happy mistake...the monkey likes bananas?..lets paint him a banana..lol haha actually it was alot more fun painting and talkin at the same time..not like at home..maybe I should apply this strategy when I paint alone at home!! jaja ay wey!!

i hope You guys enjoy the pics!!!! and my cute little vest as my jerk friend commented on the pic once :(

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


WATTUP!! I havent been doin mucho writin lately, cuz i been doin mucho working..haha check it out there are two juried shows coming up at Union Street Gallery (where I intern)..Its a great way to show your art, if ur an artist that is :)
So if any of you guys are interested...all you gotta do is go to http://www.unionstreetgallery.org/ and download the prospectus and follow the guidlines there!!!! you pickin up what im putting down!!!
hope you guys all submit!!!! I know I will!!!
oh and arriva las chivas!!