Sunday, December 27, 2015

From gdk to MFA

On christmas day (2015) I started making paintings that I am ashamed of. Sounds a bit weird but I was thinking about 2 things. 

1. a lot of artist have stories that come from their past and have shaped or inspired them in someway. So I thought it would be fun for me to dig and find similar moments in my life. Of course for famous artist it is always a moment or story that is mind-blowing or even zen. 

NOT MINE!! A gang-banger inspired me! haha I guess its part of my condition and where I was raised..etc..etc.. 

2. I think about paintings so much everyday, that I take them way too serious. I decided to make pictures of things that I am ashamed for people to see.  Maybe a guilty please almost... maybe... not sure.  

I also like how they make me feel, those shameful things to paint.  I am not fully ashamed of the memory or the circumstance, but I am ashamed of them being in a picture format. Like, they are too stupid.. 

So I guess for now, I am making stupid paintings about childhood secrets that I am ashamed of. 

Check out the video below!!! 

I am snowed in my house here in roswell., New Mexico... of the irony.. I left chicago thinking I would be away from the snow during winter and here I find myself in New Mexico in the middle of a blizzard.. 

more to come :) I have sooo much more to say about these!!!

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